Our shining white knight

Adam first joined our pack as a part-timer. He needed a place to stay for a few weeks and we agreed to keep him while his family moved. A few months later we got a call from the Humane Society. They had a very sweet greyhound that had not been picked up after the owner had been released from jail. We went right out to pick the greyhound up and imagine our surprise when we discovered it was Adam.

Adam and Gracie

He was our foster in the beginning. He fit in with the rest of the pack like a glove and he was so happy. He just melded in and became a permanent family member at Greyhound Gardens.

Adam was such a good boy, unless Flocko had a seizure. A couple of times it took all of the strength I could muster to keep him away from attacking Flocko during a seizure. It drove me crazy sometimes.

When Adam was about 8 years old we noticed some really weird bruising on the inside of his leg. I remember that Sunday so vividly. He was a wild barker and jumper at dinner time and I thought he had just bruised himself. On Tuesday he didn’t bark. We had just lost a greyhound the week before to cancer and I was in a high paranoia state so it was off to the vet clinic. All of the blood work seemed fine, everything was in order, we all thought I was just being a ninny. On Wednesday, there was clearly something wrong and back to the vet I went. Within 24 hours, Adam’s PVC had gone from normal to falling well below normal limits. The barrage of tests began for our sweet boy.

He was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. It was touch and go for weeks as his pancreas, heart and liver all became affected.

Adam was a survivor, our hero, our white knight in shining armor. Adam made it nearly 5.5 years past diagnosis. Every year on the anniversary of his diagnosis, I would take his picture and send it to his vet thanking her.

He loved to go to the beach, he loved long walks and a hike in the mountains was always a treat.

He has done well over the years, but about six months ago he started to slow down and his hind end continued to get weaker. I could see in the last photos I had taken of him how tired he was getting.

Our white knight in shining armor has left us for more energy and stronger legs at the rainbow bridge.

We miss him tremendously, he was such a good dog.

FW Adam aka Adam • May 1, 2000 to August 10, 2013


12 Replies to “Our shining white knight”

  1. Adam run free in the hills, valleys, and streams past the Rainbow Bridge. What a very handsome man!
    Your pictures of Adam reflect all the love and happiness you gave him.

  2. Awww Terri, this is truly a heartbreaker. You and your partner are amazing. What an amazing story. I salute you both for giving so much of yourselves. Hugs to you

  3. here in Corvallis, random people come up to me while molly and I are walking, thanking me for rescuing her. if these folks only knew you and Karen! here is a gigantic thank you for all the rescuing the two of you do. unfortunately, there is sadness when they leave us. molly and I salute you!

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