Made it

Rockport harbor   

Well, despite all of the challenges, I made it to Maine and Karen got all of the dogs to the Camp Lisa today.

Flocko continued to have seizures through the weekend. Poor baby. We decided that after his 6 pm seizure Saturday night that we would take him to evet for observation overnight. I hated leaving him there, especially since I knew I would be leaving for the airport in just a few hours, but the one at 6 pm was especially violent and he really hurt himself. Karen picked him up Sunday morning and took him over to our vet and sure enough, he had another seizure.

At that point, our vet decided to increase his phenobarb while we are gone and we will re-evaluate when we get home.

On a sadder note, Adam was having a really hard time getting around Saturday. The heat has been brutal for him and he was so tired. We decided that the kindest thing we could do would be to send him off to the bridge. We worried so much about him falling or worse yet putting him in position that Lisa would have even more problems. And, we wanted to both be there with him for his journey.

My heart is still hurting, but I know that it was the best decision for him.

My class started today at Maine Media and I think it is going to be phenomenal. I know I will learn a lot. Karen will join me Wednesday night.

4 Replies to “Made it”

  1. Sending healing positive thoughts to Flocko.

    So sorry to hear Adam has gone to The Bridge. You gave him a wonderful life. I know my Song will be flirting with him and all our other fur babies will look after him.

    Hope you can get a lovely relaxing holiday.

  2. Sending my deepest sympathy. That’s a tough decision, but the loving one. Rest in peace, dear Adam. Hope the meds adjustment helps Flocko and you get a good report. Relax, enjoy and tell us all about it when you get back.

  3. I am so sorry for your hearts and back-to back-sadnesses. What a loving decision you made for Adam and he is now at rest. May you find comfort, peace and a little bit of healing during your time together in Maine.

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