The secret room

Flo, Jillian   

It’s true, I have a secret room. For the most part, the dogs have the run of the house… except my secret room.

They all know it exists. They all know I entertain other dogs there. They know when I entertain other dogs. They just haven’t quite figured out the secret password to allow them to enter.

I had a session this morning with two absolutely adorable doggies and thinking ahead, I left all of my lighting in place. Later this afternoon, I left the door to the secret room open.

Imagine their glee as they ever so cautiously entered. There were so many smells that were foreign to them and they couldn’t check the nooks and crannies fast enough.

When they realized that I had not stored any contraband, they started to relax.

One by one, they pulled the toys out of the toy box.

Since there is room for only one cushion, I was shocked when Flo and Jillian decided they could share.


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