Celebrating Talley Ho Ho Ho

It was February 18, 2004. Bentley was limping and we thought It was just a sprain. She was a new vet to us and we had never met her before. Dr. Amber Talley, so compassionate, so caring tried to explain to us what osteosarcoma was and what it meant.

Before Bentley was gone, we put in a call to our adoption group and said we wanted a special needs dog. Bentley was a confident and outgoing greyhound, he would want us to help another dog become the same.

Joe was what they called a spook, scared of his shadow, scared of people, scared of anything and everything. We adopted him without ever meeting him and when we went to pick him up, the kennel manager asked if we would think about a little fawn girl, she was a kennel favorite. She was so shy that she had to be carried out to the meeting room. They called her Sara, Sandhill Sara. We called her Talley.

First night home

She was so unsure of her new digs when we first brought her home. Once she got here though, she never wanted to leave, ever. She became quite accustomed to Greyhound Gardens and although it made her quite nervous to leave, at home she was so happy.

Talley, Edie, Joey and Buddy

She loved having a built-in pack and made friends with everyone, all of our fosters always felt right at home with her.

By the end of the first week, it was pretty clear that Talley Ho was going to be the class clown.

And she teased the boys unmercifully. Somedays I think she drove them crazy.

Our memories of Talley will be filled with laughter and smiles. She danced, she pranced, she loved her stuffies. When she first came home, we gave her our bedroom filled to the rafters with neatly stacked stuffed rabbits. When we would come home from work, we would find that she had moved everyone of the stuffed toys to her nesting area. Every day, we would re-stack and the next day Talley would move them all to her nest.

This game went on for weeks, it ended when she tried to take the mattress off of the bed.

Talley took her job as a 45 mile per hour couch potato very seriously. She was actually quite good at it.

All of the black that peppered her muzzle as a youngster was replaced with salt as she rounded the corner to 12.

But it didn’t matter, she was still the sweetest, most beautiful dog in the world.

On Friday, I knew the pain from the osteosarcoma that she had been diagnosed with just five weeks earlier was almost at an unmanageable state. We were getting close. So I grabbed the camera, first in the house and then I followed her outside. She knew. I knew. Oh how we loved our little clown girl.

Our memories of Talley will always be happy and wonderful. She was a joy.

She will always be our clown.

Talley aka Sandhill Sara
August 4, 2001 to July 14, 2013

10 Replies to “Celebrating Talley Ho Ho Ho”

  1. So very sorry for your loss of Talley. She was a beautiful girl. This week, several of my friends have lost a hound to osteo. Cancer sucks.

  2. I am so, so very sad for all of your hearts. May your sweet and funny class clown rest in peace. Our deepest sympathies are with all of you.

  3. So sorry that Talley has gone to The Bridge. She’ll be teasing all the boys.

    Polly and I will Howl to the Moon tonight to let her know she is missed.

  4. You have to think of the good times don’t you, or else you just couldn’t go on. The joy is worth the heartache and Talley would want you to smile at the great memories rather than cry because she isn’t there in the flesh any more. Beautiful photos of a lovely girl and a wonderful tribute.

  5. So sorry. What a sweet special girl Talley was. Very lucky to find Greyhound Gardens. We just lost Jaime to osteo a couple of weeks ago. Sucks getting used to the new normal.

  6. Well darn it! I’m crying again. Talley was a special girl and I knew it every time you talked about her or took pictures of her. There’s just never enough time with them. The killer is that we know our little clown girls wouldn’t want us to be sad, they’d much prefer to keep us laughing. Please know that we’re thinking about you and sending thoughts your way! I am so sorry for your loss.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss but happy Tally was loved so much. She had a happy life with you and so many good years.

    I lost my beloved Princess to age on April 15th and adopted a greyhound to help fill the hole in my heart. It seems this type of cancer is quite prevalent with them.

  8. we think of all of you often. you all and the hounds (and cats, other dogs, etc) entertain us regularly and we thank you for that. we send our hope and support to all of you.

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