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Meredith aka MereBear is the Scottish Fold that we adopted earlier this year. It took us awhile to get her to come around, but once she did, she turned out to be an incredibly loving and affectionate kitty. Our vet agrees that she is definitely a senior cat. She hated us for taking her in and then following up a week later with a dental, of which she had a good majority of her teeth pulled.

The one thing she loves more than us is meal time. This cat loves to eat.

She’s still not crazy about the camera, but she’ll get over that, she has to. She’s too darn cute not to be a model.

2 Replies to “Feed me”

  1. toothless Bear 🙂 I’m glad that she has settled in, if only you could explain to her that without the rotten teeth she will live longer!

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