Looking for comfort


This year weather-wise has just been weird. The spring was unseasonably warm and sunny and now, the summer is following suit with even warmer temps.

Fortunately for the dogs, our property has plenty of really big shade trees. They seek them out all of the time. With all of the senior dogs we have, I would be really worried about the heat if they didn’t know to look for shade.

Hope the weather is mild where you are at.

5 Replies to “Looking for comfort”

  1. Danny, You are one handsome lad.

    My girl doesn’t like the heat and when at my dad’s she lays out in the garden in a shady spot, but sometime she’ll take herself indoors.

  2. Mine get to stay inside but the heat will certainly be an issue if I have any foster dogs over summer, as they generally stay in the backyard all day when I am at work. Something to think about for me anyway. I will probably have to get another paddling pool and resign myself to stinky fosters lol

  3. We’ve been pretty darned lucky with the weather here this year. We had some hot days this week, but overall, it’s been so much more bearable than the last two summers we’ve had. Danny is such a handsome boy!

  4. Ha, we’re having a bit of proper winter weather now after a great summer and autumn and mild winter. I’m really looking forward to the warmer weather but Beryl doesn’t do well in the heat. Probably just as well she doesn’t have a handsome chap like Danny to admire or she’d get even hotter!

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