Not what we wanted to hear


Well, the radiologists came back with a different read on Talley’s hip x-ray yesterday. Although it still does not read like a typical osteosarcoma and it’s not in a typical osteo location, they are 80% sure that we are looking at osteosarcoma.

We weren’t going to do xrays for another week, but since she was there for the seizure/stroke episode the night before and she is still limping, they did the xrays. The shadow had changed. It’s changing fast.

We probably wouldn’t even have xrayed there in the beginning except that my vet thought she had a funny gait in the hind-end. We were x-raying a whole different part of her body and my vet thought she would X-ray the hips, just to see. We probably caught the whole the progression much sooner than most.

Last night we spoke with the same animal communicator that we used with Timber. We really like her a lot. She’s a very gentle person. She described Talley as a little old lady that should be surrounded with lavender. Talley will be 12 in August.

She said that Talley just wanted to be at home where she’s comfortable. No more doctors, no more procedures, no more needles.

It really fits Talley. Talley came to us as a very shy girl. She warmed up to us immediately, but she never wanted to go for car rides or walks. And, as is our nature, we let her call the shots.

When I talked to the Dr. today, she said that amputation was an option, but osteosarcoma is a cancer that grows from the inside of the bone and it a finds a place to show. Talley is not a dog that would be a candidate for that, ever. It just is not in her personality.

We’ve been here before, we promise to do right by her. We owe her that much because she has been such a wonderful, wonderful girl.

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  1. Sending hugs to you and Talley. I hope that the time she has left with you is pain free and when the time comes she will cross to The Bridge peacefully.

  2. I’m so sorry. She’ll live her time, short or long, with you in a house of love, which is the best for any animal. Sending reiki and hoping the time is long and peaceful —

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