Inconclusive part II


This is Talley rolling her eyes at me as I run screaming and crying from the building.

I don’t know if inconclusive is my friend or my foe. The biopsy on her femur came back today. Inconclusive. She is still limping, she is losing muscle mass, she’s eating, she’s in great spirits, she comes up to get her ears scritched.

Plan B, keep her comfortable on Rimadyl and X-ray again in two weeks.

Oh, this looks so familiar, it’s called the waiting game. It’s not favorite game, but hey, we could have had the definitive “C” diagnosis and this post would have been so different.

Talley Ho, it’s up to you, let’s turn this around to a nothing girlfriend.

6 Replies to “Inconclusive part II”

  1. Hang in there, I guess that’s all you can do really. I guess it’s better than a definite Big C diagnosis, there is still hope that it may not be. Good luck for next time. Hoping for a Big NO result!

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