A not-so-good-news day


I’m still in a bit of a fog tonight. The news of the day just wasn’t what I had hoped for.

Flo’s biopsy results came back. They weren’t able to get clean margins. We didn’t really expect them because of the type of tumor, but I admit it, sometimes I look at the dogs health sometimes through rose-colored glasses.

I remember the day I stood in the clinic with one of our 14 year old greyhounds. She needed to have a tooth pulled. We had an even bigger pack back then and they were all youngsters. My vet and I talked, she said, “you know, old age is not a disease, but it can get expensive. You’ve got some hard years ahead.” I nodded, I knew what she was saying, but it was a long time away.

I think we have arrived.

The plan for Flo is just wait and watch. If and when the tumor comes back, we’ll de-bulk it, there really isn’t much else we can do. Radiation is the primary treatment for this kind of tumor. We would be looking at six-weeks of daily radiation treatments under sedation. She already has a significant heart murmur and neither of us are in a position to take six weeks off of work to drive her back and forth to Portland. So, we’ll watch and wait.


We took Talley in for X-rays today. Her limp in her hind-end was quite significant yesterday. The shadow they saw on the x-rays last week was larger. It still doesn’t have the classic osteosarcoma look, but it did change in just three weeks time.

Tomorrow we will take her back in, they will x-ray her lungs to make sure we don’t have metz to the lungs. If the lungs are clear, they will biopsy the bone.

And then, we wait. We’ll make a plan for her as soon as we have a biopsy result.


Timber is holding his own today. He’s eating, it took a little coaxing and a new route, but he finally went on his evening walk with Karen. It’s never a good sign when he turns down his walk, he loves them.

Welcome to the emotional roller coaster called Hope.

7 Replies to “A not-so-good-news day”

  1. Not what anyone wanted to hear, but you will do what you know is best for all concerned. I know you and Karen love and care for the pups every day to the fullest and that’s what’s important. Will continue to keep paws crossed.

  2. I am sending healing positive thoughts to Timber, Talley and Flo.

    As with humans I think you have to think of the quality of life, so sometimes not having more treatment is the better option. Sure hope you won’t have to make that decision for a long time.

  3. this all breaks my heart. molly and I send love and prayers to all you hounds and humans. group hug!!!!!

  4. Oh man, the hits just keep on coming for you guys. Hopefully Flo ends up being just fine- I know a good friend of mine’s dog went in and had a mast cell tumor removed, they had no clean margins, and didn’t think he had long. Its been over three years since then and he is doing fine, with no signs of it coming back.

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