It might have worked


She trotted, she stretched, she ate both of her meals… she acted as if nothing was ever wrong. For all of that I am very thankful. the Power of the Paw is strong.

For the mental anguish she caused me however, I don’t know what I’ll do because I’m so happy that she did OK today.

Flo had more fluid drained off today and she pulled her bandages off not once, but twice. I’m hoping she can make until Wednesday when she has her surgery because it really seemed to hurt her today.

I guess in the big picture, the cost of getting my hair colored every week to hide the new silver hairs is cheap in comparison.

Thank you so much for the good wishes. We’ll make it through all of this.

5 Replies to “It might have worked”

  1. You’ve earned those silver hairs over the past year or so, but I guess you’d rather not have them. I’m very pleased that Talley had a good day and I hope tomorrow brings some good news or at least nothing bad happens!

  2. I can’t recall if I’ve ever commented on your blog or not, but I check in regularly; love, love, LOVE your photography; and am touched by your dedication to all these hounds. I’ve been keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers for good outcomes for all and peace and healing for the outcomes that aren’t what we’d pick. I’ve adopted and loved 5 greys in the last 11 years and am simply in awe of the way you share your lives and love with all the ones you’ve welcomed into your lives. As for the “silver highlights” as my sister use to refer to my mom’s, I’ve decided to let my own take over (of course they had a good head start since I started graying in my early 20s). It’s not for everyone, but it’s cheaper and easier and gives you more time and money with which to spoil the hounds. 😉

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