Just for the girls


It seems like, as if overnight, our pack has gone from 45 mile-per-hour couch potatoes to golden age ladies and gentlemen. I don’t really know how that happened because just yesterday, they were racing across the acre.

With an older crowd comes a whole new series of worries and our wall-to-wall hardwood floors are one of them. We are always in search of floor rugs. They have to have rubber backs and they have to fit in the washing machine.

Once again, Costco came through with flying colors today. They had an outside vendor in the store today selling “Miracle Door Mats.” They are awesome, expensive, but I feel so much safer for the dogs.

In theory, they should go through the washer and dryer and they have a five year warranty. So far they are holding to the floor even when the younger dogs race through the house.

Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll have more to say after the first round of vacuuming and washing.

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  1. We can get those mats here (UK). If they are the ones with the black rubber backing, be careful if you put them on a hard floor, as the black can mark, other than they they are fab.

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