Hunger strike


We have three girls that go on occasional hunger strikes. Blender is one of them.ย She’ll be 13 in June and i worry about her a lot.

They drive me crazy.

It all has to do with the toppers. For years, no matter how hungry they might be, kibble just wasn’t good enough. And, if it isn’t a topper they are in the mood for, forget about it. They ain’t eating that either.

Blender used to like chicken, but this week she wanted pork. She likes her pork cooked in the crock pot and then mashed in the Cuisinart.

Are all dogs like this? Are ours spoiled beyond reason?

I have earned every one of the gray hairs on my head that only my hairdresser knows about.

6 Replies to “Hunger strike”

  1. Have you tried a little Parmesan? Even a dollop or two of Peanut Butter might get her interested. My girl can’t resist Peanut Butter (great for putting meds in) or sardines.

  2. Luckily three of my four woof down their food, then go to each others bowls to make sure a kibble wasn’t missed. But Princess Stella, a slow eater to begin with, will eat around something she doesn’t like, or just push it around. She’s always been on the thin side, so we worry when she doesn’t eat. We just changed her canned food topping because one day she just refused to eat it. We always have hamburger or boiled chicken in the freezer for hunger strikes. Since you have more pups, statistically, you will have more picky eaters.

  3. We’ve been through hunger strikes at our house, too, but fortunately not with the current group. Blueberry has always eaten like it’s going out of style and shows no signs of slowing down. Lilac was the one who used to drive me crazy, and I totally feel your pain!

  4. No hunger strikers allowed! Not a single hound cat or husband has ever tried that in this house. Everybody eats with gusto and it shows unfortunately. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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