The biggest splash

The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing the assistance dogs during their first swimming lessons.

I loved watching them and they all seemed to enjoy it, well sort of.

After awhile however, I enjoyed trying to catch the biggest splash.

This was a much more delicate splash.

This was definitely the most artistic.

The double splash.

This was barely a splash, but I loved the big paw.

And I call this one the multiple drop splash.

I had so much fun anticipating the splashes, that I didn’t pay attention to my battery, the only battery I had with me. I nearly didn’t make it through the session.

3 Replies to “The biggest splash”

  1. I LOVE photographing Sid during his hydrotherapy sessions! Sadly, my little camera usually fogs up pretty quickly in the small, enclosed environment – your pool looks much bigger!

    Great photos. I love all the different splash styles!

  2. Darn those batteries anyway, always dying at the most inconvenient times! I think you caught some great splashes. Kuster says he’ll be happy to make waves for you if you come by here!

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