Weather patterns


Oregon’s weather is so darn predictable. Every year for about two to three weeks in February we get this unseasonably warm weather. The sun comes out to play.

Spring fever attacks like a madness that is uncontrollable.

And then, almost without warning, it goes away. Far, far away and the cold wind and rain return. It’s beastly and certainly not welcomed, but we have no control.

There is no more kicking of the heals in the air. Instead, we are all hunkered down inside beside the warmth of the furnace. It just is not fair.

Not fair at all.



3 Replies to “Weather patterns”

  1. You must be spreading your Oregonness around. We had beautiful weather for a couple weeks, then hail this morning, and they are calling for freezing rain. Please keep this bipolar weather to Oregon please 🙂

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