Lost in a pool of blue


In January, between 140 and 150 dogs were seized from a warehouse just outside of Salem ┬árun by a non-profit rescue group. I really don’t know any of the details except what I read in the paper. It wasn’t good. The dogs were underfed, dehydrated, poorly cared for and some needed a lot of medical attention.

The good news, some of the dogs are now ready to be adopted. We took pictures of the first few when we were out at the Marion County Dog Shelter two weeks ago. This is Cleo. She was an amazingly sweet and wonderful girl. I fell hard and fast for this one. In fact, all of the dogs we met were so sweet and so forgiving. Dogs are amazing to say the least.

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  1. wow, what a unique look she has! I hope they all find awesome homes! We met a dog from a similar dog-bust type situation and whilst it took him a long time to gain the confidence to overcome his fears, he was the most beautiful soul.

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