I’ll take my weimie to go


Emma the grand dog is here visiting for the week-end and she brought her fancy pink wheels with her. I think this is the first time she has been with us since the red head joined the pack. She took one look at him towering over her and believe me, she’s watching her back.

Even with wheels, she’s still just as goofy as ever. Trying to get her to stand still for her modeling debut was challenging at best. She takes her wheels every where. Over curbs, through the grass, over feet, over my camera bag… ahem. She can walk a little on her own, but the wheels give her a whole new independence that she had lost when her hind-end went out on her.

We ordered her wheels from Handicapped Pets. It was probably the best money we could have spent.

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  1. Those photos brought tears of a memory to my eyes. My dog, Acadia, spent the last year of her life on wheels a lot like those. Like Emma, she zoomed through life, taking on all obstacles and rejoicing in every day, on her wheels.

    Those are beautiful photos with the sunset behind her.

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