Look who’s swimming now


We decided that we probably ought to keep the swimming thing going, so it was off to the pool with Adam. That boy was born to be in the water, he took to it just like a duck.

Lori walked around the pool with him and gave him a tour. He was mildly interested as he sported his styling head band to keep the water out of  his ears. She said he was the first greyhound that used their hind legs in the pool right away. Way to go Adam!

He was also swimming on his own during his first time out. We walked out of the building as very proud mommies.

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  1. hahah he is so cute 🙂 he may be swimming on his own but he does still look slightly alarmed about it, perhaps it is the headband that is adding to that impression though

  2. Yay Adam!!!! The pool where we go with Sid (and sometimes Jeffie) is at a greyhound racing kennel. They really built it to swim the racers, but when they’re not busy will let other dogs come along. Ex-racers get a discount.

    They always say greyhounds are not natural swimmers, and it’s certainly true of Jeffie, who did a great impression of a floating log for the first three visits. But Sid, like Adam, took to it really easily, though he did think I was trying to kill him at first!

    Adam looks great in his ‘hat’!

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