48 hours later… Lights, camera


Action? I’m thinking Miss Meredith isn’t quite ready to be a super model yet. She definitely has opinions and she isn’t afraid to express them.

She’s a very sweet kitty. She takes notice whenever we walk into the room. She rubs against our hands for extra loving. She’s still taking every thing in and becoming Juliass’s BFF isn’t on her agenda yet, nor is having her photo taken.

Sometimes when I look at her, I think she does somewhat resemble a sea otter.

4 Replies to “48 hours later… Lights, camera”

  1. my oh my what teeth you have!! being an older lady I’d say it would take a while for her to settle in… cats really don’t like change, but I am sure she will be happy at the Gardens eventually.

  2. Holy cow, you’re right. She looks very much like a sea otter. I love Miss Meredith and especially her first photo in the series. I think a cat like Meredith just might hold her own in our house against Bettina the cat eating greyhound.

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