Best Christmas ever

Holly, Emma Autzen and Joe

Once again, my youngest daughter and her husband Joe opened up there home for Christmas dinner for all to gather.

Holly and Emma

Who would have ever guessed that I created a child that could cook and run marathons. It was a given that she would love dogs.

Emma, Holly and Megan

When I was pregnant everyone knew I wanted girls. In fact, I remember telling my OB that if he didn’t deliver girls, I would trade in the nursery until I got girls.

Joe and Ryan

What I never expected was that later in life, each daughter would bring such wonderful young men into my life. I love these guys, they are everything a mom could ever want.

Megan and Ryan

Ryan is our newest family member. OK, I admit it, I struggling to accept the fact that he plays football. But, I can live with it. 🙂

Holly, Joe, Ryan and Megan

I did raise the girls right, they have already taught the guys who the boss is. Phew!

Karen, Lynn and Mary

Of course, the extended family is as much fun as the kids. Karen, chief assistant, dog walker and Timber-loaf cooker. Lynn, my ex-husbands significant other. Mary, Joe’s mom. These three were great. The combination of everyone gave the holiday laughter and fun.

Holly and Megan

Ladies, you bring so much joy into my life. Thank you.

I can honestly say you were worth the stretch marks.

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