Hanging out


Talley took over the new love seat today. Every time I turned around, she was in a new position. First thing this morning, I carefully covered it with the blanket. She quickly kicked it off. So I folded it and laid the folded blanket on the cushion. Talley promptly kicked it off.

So, I thought I would have a heart-to-heart conversation with her. I empathized, saying I understood that the soft, supple leather probably felt really good against her thin greyhound skin. But I had a really good reason for wanting to keep it covered. It’s mud season here in Oregon. The love seat is white. I was only trying to protect our $29.99 investment. I explained to her that I would really like it if she would leave the blanket on the love seat.

She flipped me off.

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  1. HAHAAH! well if it makes you feel better i think our animals would try to eat a leather loveseat if I introduced one to our house 😛 Barbie really enjoyed eating my leather kindle cover!

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