And the other grand dogs

Sadie, Caleb and Olivia

I have to be the luckiest mom around. I know I am the luckiest mom around. I have such great joy looking at the photos from the two sessions I did on Sunday with both of my daughters. I am so proud of both of them. They have grown up to be such delightful, amazing young women.

I taught them and they listened to me when I talked about loving and caring for their pets for life. Both girls have senior pets along with all of the trials that go along with senior pets. They get it. They also picked partners in life that get it too. I am so thankful for both of the young men that they have chosen.

This is Sadie and Caleb and my almost grand daughter Olivia.

When Megan took Sadie and Caleb in, their owner had just died. Both of the dogs were extremely obese, like more than double their normal weight. Megan worked with them and got the weight off, but it certainly took it’s toll on the dogs. Sadie suffers from grand mal seizures and arthritis. Caleb is having some real balance issues.

One day at a time ladies, that’s how you do it.

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