The spirit of the weimie


When Holly called me last Thursday and said that Emma couldn’t walk, my heart sank. As we sat in the clinic room with the vet and we weren’t getting much response from the hind-end, my heart broke for Holly.

We talked about the options and Emma seemed to listen. Her spirit was strong and her front-end was still as strong as an ox. We ordered a cart to support her hind-end and sent Holly home with a sling.

That first night wasn’t easy as Holly and Emma learned how to use the sling. The next day Emma figured it out and they were on their way. I knew in my heart that with Emma’s spirit and Holly’s determination that they would make it through this.

The report tonight is that Emma is walking around like it is nobody’s business. Her hind-end is weak, but she is getting around.

Just as I suspect, that cart will give Emma a whole new lease on life.

Way to go Emma and Holly.

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