Mutiny in the gardens


Oh doggie, I’ve done it now. They will never forgive me.

I spent my day photographing dogs for The Dogs of Salem Calendar sponsored by Nature’s Pets. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I had. 28 families brought their doggies by to be photographed, all of them very cool. Little dogs, big dogs, fluffy dogs, curly dogs, black dogs, white dogs, tan dogs, working dogs, senior dogs, puppies, pure breeds, rescues… you name it, I loved it.

But ask me how many greyhounds made it there.

Hanging my head low as I admit to zero, none, nadda. And believe me when I say they ain’t happy with me.

Oh the guilt. When we walk in the door they sniff our pants, then our hands and then, they check to see if our lips have been licked by the tongues of others.

Oh, the guilt.

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