Shy no more


Joey is our true blue spook. It took him four years before he would ever let us scratch his ears. Two years later he started to do the famous “forearm flip”. And now, he vies for the coveted cushion behind my desk chair. He’s a perfect example of how important it is to take time with the shy dogs.

He was another dog that had a trainer that loved him. It’s my understanding that he was in Florida and when the kennel he was in was coming to Oregon, his trainer made sure he was on the truck. When Oregon had racing, they had a policy that if a greyhound was either bred in Oregon or raced in Oregon, upon retirement, they went straight into the adoption kennel. End of story.

Multnomah race track had a beautiful adoption facility with great groups that supported it. Joey’s trainer knew that if he came to Oregon, his fate would be a couch and he wanted that for Joey.

Joey was my second spook hound and Karen’s first. He definitely put us through the paces in the beginning. We could never get him to come in the house, somedays it took hours. So, we built him a little kennel run outside for the times we had to go to work. We haven’t had to use it for years. He does however have a routine to come in the house.

He likes to run around the maple tree and straight into the house and down the basement stairs. We can’t have any noises like the washer or dryer and if the wind blows through the trees, he stops right at the door and won’t come in. He seems to understand when I tell him that I have to go back to work. He’ll brave the wind and go straight the basement. We have to walk down the stairs and then he’ll come up.

Spooks are a whole new challenge, but once you have their trust, it’s wonderful.

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  1. I had some friends who adopted a true spook, too, and their stories about all they went through to bring him around amazed me. I’ve dealt with shy dogs, but spooks are a different issue altogether! I’m glad Joey had all the stars align for him!

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