They never forget

Jillian, Slinky and Paul

Earlier this week I eluded to a special visitor coming to see the twins.

The story starts something like this. Years ago, after fostering between 60 and 70 greyhounds, I wanted to see what the racing side of greyhounds was all about. What better way than to own my own dog. A racing kennel outside of Portland that also bred greyhounds took a chance on two nutty women and sold us our first racing greyhound.

Enter Flocko.

That single purchase gave us perhaps some the dearest friends we have ever had. They are the people that make racing a good thing. They love every one of their racers as much as if not more than most pet people do. And their dogs are treated with the kindness and respect that some pets will never have.

So, there were two fawn sisters that had retired, but Paul loved. They were his retired pets. When it came time for Paul and Nancy to move the racing kennel to Alabama, Paul asked if we would take the two girls, because more important than anything else, Paul wanted to know where they were going, he wanted them to stay together because even in the racing kennel, they were side by side and he wanted to  see pictures.

Three years ago, with much sadness in his heart, Paul handed over Jillian and Slinky’s leashes to us.

Three years ago.


Of course, Paul has seen a million pictures of his girls, but they have only had Karen and I. When I got a call that Paul and Nancy would be in Oregon for a couple of days, we were ecstatic and I was fairly certain the girls would crawl out of their skins when they saw Paul.

Nancy and the twins

Of course, the girls were excited to see Nancy.

But they just could not get enough of Paul. They knew him the minute they got to the back door.

By the way, Paul had to wait ten minutes before he could see them because Timber insisted on being admired first.

Paul couldn’t move. And later that evening after Paul and Nancy had gone, it was so sad to watch the girls run out the back door to see if he was still there.


We had two happy girls. I have no doubt that they love us, but the bond between two retired racers and their trainer is so awesome.

Well, that was until he went to trim their toenails. It took them a little while to forgive him for that.

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17 Replies to “They never forget”

  1. I too have only heard the negative side of the story, and it’s good to hear some of the positive. The second last photo of the twins’ adoring look at Paul is terrific!

  2. Oh, that is so sweet!

    It’s like Sid with his trainer. Luckily for Sid, whenever we go away and can’t take the dogs, he goes to stay in her house. He never, EVER, looks back when I leave him with her, but reassuringly, he does shiver with joy and nearly knock me over when I get back. He has the best of both worlds! Jeffie, on the other hand, is bewildered to be handed back. He likes Sharon just fine, but even though he was a kennel favourite, and lived there for the first nine years of his life, he much prefers life at home here!

    Your girls are very beautiful!

  3. THANK YOU for this post. It’s so hard for some greyhound parents to understand that not every person associated with greyhound racing is a terrible greyhound hating monster. Before Blue’s racetrack closed down we used to go back every year for an annual reunion. Blue NEVER forgot his trainer and was thrilled to death to see him every year. Blue has told me a number of times via animal communicator that he loved his racing career. While I’m ambivalent about greyhound racing as a whole, there are some wonderful people who truly love the dogs who work in that industry.

  4. Love it!!!! You have no idea what it meant to Paul and I to visit. We miss the dogs every day it is just comforting to know they are loved and have a couch to live on. Oh and yes the human friends I miss you guys more than you could ever know. As I said when we left their are only a few real friends and you have in a life time and I struck gold finding two in the same place. Look forward to seeing you again. Oh a little secret we may try to come out again in the spring to bring some more pets. Love you love them!!

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