Me, myself and I

Timber the borzoi with a reflection and a shadow

Some days it feels like we have just one dog. The red head. Having a pack of greyhounds has always been so easy. They took turns. Timber likes to be front and center for attention. This photo represents him so well.

Running along the beach at Cape Kiwanda

Saturday was beautiful and we made another flying trip out to the coast. We landed at our favorite beach and I got this wild hair to go over to the dunes. Yes, the ones in the distance. They don’t look that far away, but they are probably a little over a mile.

The dunes at Cape Kiwanda

Once we arrived at the dunes, part of Cape Kiwanda, Karen and Timber looked back to see how far we had come. That parking lot was a long way away.

They wondered how far they were going to have to hike up, when I said the top… they said “think again.”

Borzoi on the sand dunes at Cape Kiwanda

OK, so even half way to the top Timber looked stunning.

Sunset at Cape Kiwanda

The sunset was near perfect I have ever seen. However, during the best part, Timber faced the sunset, not me.

He was a total nutcase, every time he stopped, he fanned out his toes and dug them into the sand.

Sunset at the Pacific coast

The colors chased us in the sand all the way back to the parking lot.

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