Oh! Jill


Those two words are never good when the dogs have been outside.

Now that it is getting dark earlier, the dogs are outside after dark in the evening. We can’t always see what they are up to. The twins were out and they were normally quiet. Usually the only sound we ever hear from them are when they have a squirrel up in the trees.

They came running toward the back door when they were called and without stopping ran up the ramp and right into the house.

It was mid-ramp when I heard Karen shriek. My mind goes many places when I hear that tone in her voice. What I wasn’t expecting was the treasure that Jill was bringing in.

Jill had captured her very own baby opossum. Ya, my favorite. Karen headed for the garage, not really sure what to do. She didn’t know if the little baby was dead or just playing dead. I watched for a few minutes and sure enough, the baby was just pretending. So, I picked him up by the tail and took him out to the front yard where he might have a better chance of survival.

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