Holy cow

Adam—white and brindle

This is Adam in December 2005. He had just come to stay with us after we sprung him from the local Humane Society.

Adam—white and white

This is a photo I took of him laying in the grass on Saturday.

I was shocked when I looked back at the old photo of how white his face has gotten. He’s still just as happy as he was when he came here.

Good grief, I have no idea how much white I have. If my hair dresser is covering up that much change, I could be in for a giant surprise one of these days.

2 Replies to “Holy cow”

  1. Since we see them every day, sometimes we don’t notice. I was looking for a picture of a brindle dog that was on my blog years ago, and I didn’t even recognize my own Stanley in the post b/c he wasn’t all white in the face.

  2. both of mine are starting the greying process! I have come to expect that Barbie will go quite white in the face as black greyhounds seem to lose that pigment very quickly!

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