Things aren’t looking up here


Things are not looking up around here tonight. Suitcases are out, I’m frantic and da doggies know something is up.


Tomorrow I leave for a week-long photography workshop in Montana. I’m pretty excited. The dogs and Karen, not so much.

I actually grew up in Montana and went to school at the University of ย Montana, but I haven’t been back for over 30 years.


I’ve had a little sit-down with everyone. I’ve told them that they need to be on their best behavior for Karen. No fighting, be patient at meal times. Don’t wake her up at 4:30 am like they did me yesterday.

I’m not sure what my schedule will be, so I might not be back until September 1. I’m hoping to take even better photos of the hounds of Greyhound Gardens when I return.

Think positive thoughts for Karen. She’ll be fine, but she might need a break when I get back.

Thank you Karen… this is an awesome opportunity for me, without your support, I couldn’t do it.

10 Replies to “Things aren’t looking up here”

  1. Wow. You’re pictures might get better!!?? We can’t wait to see what you learn and we will be sending the Murphy, Cinderella and Minnie some relaxing, good energy – to help Karen! Safe Travels to you!

  2. Leaving dogs behind for a business trip or vacation can be difficult, probably more difficult for me than for my dogs. We have some great people who take care of them while we are gone so I feel better about that. But I still miss them. Have fun in Montana!

  3. good luck Karen! I hope everydoggy behaves. I have not been comfortable getting someone to look after my doggies for a few years now. Bender is still a handful and Barbie can be demanding (for a greyhound). We pay to kennel them when we go away, but with more than two dogs that probably wouldn’t be an option.

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