Herding cats


Murphy turned 14 on June 1st. I think he is the first dog that as a senior really showed a touch of senility. I swear this guy is just like herding cats now. He wanders here, he wanders there and then he wanders back. It’s kind of sad in a humorous way. He doesn’t know he’s just wandering.

He just recently started galloping across the backyard, something he hasn’t done for years. Some things you never forget and I guess acting your age is one of the things you do forget.

Gotta love a greyhound.

4 Replies to “Herding cats”

  1. I don’t wish the joys of living with a senile dog on anyone, but I found that having a sense of humor about it helped a lot. He’s such a sweet old guy! I sometimes thought Lilac wandered more because she couldn’t get her old bones settled comfortably than because she was disoriented.

  2. What a sweet guy. Of all the things to forget the fact that your old is probably the best. I hope my boys make it to the wonderful old ages of yours.

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