When things go boom

Sadie and Caleb

My oldest daughter has two Italian greyhounds, Sadie and Caleb. They are both senior dogs now, Sadie is 12 suffering from arthritis and Caleb is 15, can’t see, can’t hear and nearly toothless. Despite the problems of old age both dogs seem very happy and get around in their apartment quite well.

We went up today to take some pictures. My daughter and her significant other have this fabulous corner apartment on the third story of a major street in Portland.

We were having a grand time taking photos when we heard a loud crash. Megan ran to the window, looked down and called out to Karen, “we have to go, you’re a nurse”.

The three of them ran out the door and I stayed up in the window with my camera. Apparently the Toyota ran a red light and was hit by the city bus. Fortunately, the driver was buckled and her two kids in the back seat were in car seats.

Karen’s nursing instincts kicked in as she talked to the little girl and they waited for the fire department to arrive.

It felt like forever, but when I looked at the time stamp on my photos, they had arrived in less than three minutes. I watched as they extricated the little girl, the little boy and broke out the windshield for the mom to get out. Nobody was hurt, not in the car and not on the bus.

Megan, Sadie, Caleb and Ryan

Everybody returned to the apartment, we took the family pose and Karen and I were on our merry way back home.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how sometimes Fate works to have the right people in the right places at the right times? I’m glad Karen was there and able to help them out! 🙂 And those Iggies are adorable! I fell hard for one while I was at BlogPaws!

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