Danny Bleu, are you sure I missed your birthday?

Danny Bleu

OK, I’ll continue on with my worst mommy of the year award, I missed Danny Bleu’s birthday too. Yes, on May 29, my bleu too turn 11. Geez, how has the time gone so fast? He was so young when he came to Greyhound Gardens and a foster/trainee.

We’ve had some good times together. When Danny first came home, we spent a lot of time trippin’ around in a 1970 Volkswagon bus. He loved that bus, kinda wish I still had it, but then I missed air conditioning and automatic transmission and we love the Element.

This week-end flew by. Karen and I took photos at the  dog shelter. Did our Saturday errands and were busy planning another sunset shoot out at the coast when I remembered that the daughter of one of our staff members in the office was having her quinceañera. We made it, barely and it was beautiful.

This morning instead of buckling down at the computer, it was an unexpectedly beautiful day and we loaded the red-head in the car and made a fast trip out to the beach. He’s exhausted tonight, but we had a delightful time.

Tonight, Karen and I delivered Gili’s ashes to his mom. It was so, so sad. I wish I could take her pain away.

Tucked away in three bags were a few of his toys, his beds and the turnout muzzle we provided to her when she adopted him 8 years ago. She was sending them home to our guys. They will love them I’m sure.

When we asked if she didn’t want to keep them for the next pup, she replied that she would want new. So I am hopeful that there will be another dog in her future. I truly believe she needs a companion and that when she least expects, Gili will deliver.

Did anyone else experience a whirlwind week-end or was it only in Oregon?

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  1. Heppy Birthday, Danny Bleu! You’re still a stunner and I’m not sure you’re really eleven years old! Teh weekends always seem to pass by too quickly here. There have been a lot of whirlwind ones lately!

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