The first day trip

Timber, Crystal and Karen

On our second full day in Sunriver we drove up to Smith Rock State Park. Since I was traveling with Gimpy, Gimpier and Gimpiest we really didn’t do any hiking, we just walked a little ways up a path so that I could photograph some of the vegetation in the park.


Holy smokes it was hot out there. I was so surprised when Crystal laid down in shade. Her tootsies were a little sore after walking on the trails in Sunriver.

I was glad that we brought water and had air conditioning because the two dogs sprawled out and drank a lot of water when I got them back into the car.

The very best story of the day happened when I HAD to have a photo of the cat tails. The marsh was in the center of a field and I had to go to the end of the marsh and shoot back. I just had to. I jumped a small ditch to start walking out into the field and as I headed out there, the thought of snakes briefly crossed my mind. I got to the end of the marsh and moved in to find my shot. On the sec on click a snake slithered beside me into the marsh. I jumped, screamed and nearly pee’d my pants. I hate snakes. I realized screaming wouldn’t do me any good because every one else was on the other side of the field sitting in an air conditioned car with the windows up. I fought my desire to get the hell out of dodge ¬†and got the photos that I wanted. It wasn’t until we were driving home that Karen read that yes, there are rattlesnakes in the park.

The park was beautiful. I would have loved to hike around a bit more, but the snake thing cured me of that.

4 Replies to “The first day trip”

  1. What a lovely looking place to hike.

    Glad the snake kept on going and you made it back to the car ok.

    Love the way Crystals ears stand up:)

  2. I got booties for Barbie’s delicate feet for when we go camping/hiking/eating/sleeping again. Last time she ended up with quite sore feet but she did walk on like a real trouper.

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