Eat. Walk. Sleep. Repeat.


We’ve been incommunicado for a really good reason. If you’ve been looking for the red head, you’ll be happy to know that he has been enjoying some R & R on the sunny side of the state.

Timber, Karen and Crystal

It’s a pretty big deal for Karen and I to take a vacation. Between getting the same time off and boarding the dogs, we usually only get away once every two or three years together. Vacationing in Sunriver, Oregon was never even on the horizon. We were looking at a couple of different road trips. When Timber got sick, we weren’t even sure we would be able to get away. Then, we had to find a place with a kitchen so that we could keep the red head’s tube feedings going and Sunriver, Oregon had the perfect place.

Timber and Crystal

We found the perfect little cabin that had accommodations fit for a king and queen.

And Mr. T loved being the center of attention.

I’m sure that most people take their Cuisinart on vacation with them, it was a necessity. So much so that the minute we got to the cabin we realized that we forgot kibble for Crystal. What kind of dog mommies are we?

We found an amazing pet food store in Bend, Pet Food Express. They were so helpful. We explained to them about Timber and everything we were going through. They opened up a bag of food and offered Timber a bite of Stella and Chewys Duck, Duck, Goose. Timber absolutely loved it as he at bite after bite.

To say the least, we were beyond thrilled thinking we had found a winner. See that bag back there, solid gold I tell you. That is about one day of food for a growing baby borzoi… $30. But hey, we are desperate. So we bought a few bags and took them home. He ate a some more after we got home and we called the store back to have them hold some more. We hopped back into the car and drove back to Bend and bought them out of their Duck, Duck, Goose.

The next day Timber looked at the food like we were trying to poison him. He grazed on it the rest of the vacation, but he sure never took after it like he did that first day. We finally did figure out a system to make the tube feeding easier

Sunriver has miles and miles of walking and biking trails. Timber and Crystal could hardly wait for their walkies. One of the things that made me so nervous about the trip was Timber’s lack of leash behavior. Not only has he pulled Karen right off of her feet, he’s given me at least an addition 2 inches in length in my arms. I was really worried about walking him everyday, but he was awesome.

I knew Crystal would be perfect because she always has been and Timber rose to the occasion, we just could not have asked for a better boy.

The cabin had a king size bed and Timber was pretty sure they put it in there for him. He loved that bed. Most evenings Timber went to bed early just so that he could get his half out of the middle.

It was such a relaxing vacation. It really was about Timber… eating, walking, sleeping and repeating.

An update to the barium study, as of 5 pm tonight, the barium is lingering is his colon. The doc said she had never seen it do this before, so tomorrow morning we go in for more x-rays to see if it is moving. Tonight he had a total of 74 x-rays. On Wednesday we are scheduled with a specialist in Portland.

I missed the Pet Blog Hop last week, so glad to be back.

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13 Replies to “Eat. Walk. Sleep. Repeat.”

  1. Nice to see the Red Head again! BTW, many year ago, when my normally non-fussy eater cat was sick, we found he would eat anything – but only once – then turn his nose up at that item again. The vet said it was because his illness was making him nauseous, and he was “blaming” the food. We went through every flavor of baby food out there. Not sure if there is any relevance for you, but your story of Timber and Duck Duck Goose brought it to mind.

  2. We’ve had experience similar to BZ’s with two of our dogs. One of them had to take medicine and she knew it was in the food, so no way was she touching it. We finally decided to quit giving her the meds that way and just fight the pill giving, but it made eating “safe” for her again. I am in total envy of your vacation! It sounds so perfect and relaxing! I would love being able to go someplace like that!

  3. So very glad you found an oasis in the midst of the stress of caring for your beautiful boy, Timber. I just published an interview with the CEO of Stella & Chewy’s last week on my blog – since you missed the blog hop – you’ll have look it up – she had a rescue dog and started the company because of her dog’s illnesses and issues. Sending healing thoughts your way, Timber!

    Dropping by on the blog hop today – I posted an oldie, but goodie video about the use of military dogs in the wars… to help us remember ALL of the ones who are protecting America overseas. Thank a veteran this weekend – and their dog!

    Enjoy the long weekend with your furry kids.

  4. Loved looking at your pictures and so glad you were able to get away, Crystal and Timber make such a lovely team. Continued well wishes being sent your way as you work through Timber’s illness. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. I know it will help someone else in the future.

  5. I’m glad you were able to get away on vacation. It sounds like a really nice area. It’s so frustrating and worrisome when they won’t eat. Those have been some of my worst times. I can’t imagine how you all are feeling. You are taking such great care of him and I’m sure he loves you for it. 🙂

  6. Looks like you all had a lovely time. Hope Timber’s test work out ok and he is soon on the mend.

    Song and I send him huge hugs (((Timber))).

  7. Hi Y’all,

    Paws crossed here for the redhead. Hope Timber’s test reveal something to help.

    How y’all doin’? Just stoppin’ by to wish y’all a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. great that this little break do good for everybody. Your pics are beautiful and so zeeennnnnnn 🙂
    Timber make himself a spiky friend or brought it with him ??
    Hugs and kisses to the 4 of you 😉

  9. It sounds like your much needed vacation was great for all! Love the picture of Timber sprawled on the bed. LOL! We still have our fingers and paws crossed for Timber!

  10. I caught up on all Timber’s ups and downs in one hit a few nights ago, which was probably a bit silly as I was so emotional that I couldn’t comment. So sad that his problems aren’t simple:( I know we all hope you find the cause of his problems and can then work on fixing them. Fingers and paws crossed that the 75 X-rays and specialist does the trick.

    I love the photo with Timber, Karen and Crystal under the Sunriver sign. What a gorgeous sign and the expression on Crystal’s face is priceless:)

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