Tails from the red head


We’re back from our vacation in Central Oregon. It was wonderful and so relaxing. Timber and Crystal were so good. Timber walked on his leash like a champ and never once got car sick. All together we put on nearly 1,000 miles.

Timber has a million adventure stories to tell.

We never could kickstart his appetite and I was so hoping he would eat but instead we continued to tube feed him. Today he went in for a barium study involving 70 X-rays and I will drop him back off tomorrow  to finish the study.

I’m warning you now, we have lots to tell about our vacation. It was a blast.

8 Replies to “Tails from the red head”

  1. Glad you are finally home! I can’t believe it’s been a week without a blog post. The girls and I have missed their grandmas and cousins!

  2. well it’s good to see that you can still have adventures despite being tube-fed Timber… but haven’t the greyhounds told you how fun actually eating real food is? ;P

    hope they can figure it out for you soon Mr Redhead

  3. Glad you’re back and that you had a safe trip and a great time! Looking forward to hearing all your adventures, and hopefully some good news about our favorite redhead!

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