Some days are just better than others


We continue to ride the roller coaster with the red head. Two days have gone by and he has turned away from every morsel we have offered. Timber, you just have to eat.

I suspect this is like any chronic illness that a human has. Timber will have good days and bad days. I would like to have just good days, but I don’t think that is part of the territory. We did find a good quality canned food that isn’t as bulky. We are now trying Evo. The dog food that we had last week made up 12 60cc syringes, Evo has the same calorie content but purees down to only 10 60cc syringes. When he doesn’t eat, that is four cans of dog food a day down the ol’ tube.

He takes it all in stride, such a good boy and his spirits seem high even though he chasing around the yard like he once did.

He’ll see his Dr. in the morning for his last check-up before vacation and we’ll receive the ┬ánext round of cocktail changes. I feel like we are living our own version the TV program House, Canine version.


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  1. Song and I had hoped to hear timber had had good days. Hope today turns round and he eats up everything you offer him.

    As always we are sending hugs (((Timber)))

  2. Poor lad. Deccy has had some intestinal issues and even when he wasn’t keen on much else he would eat canned hotdogs. Not that I think they were great for him, but at least it encouraged him to go through the process of eating and helped with getting him to eat healthier stuff.

  3. Just wanted to send some support! I’ve been reading your blog for a while since discovering you have both greyhounds and borzoi (as we do). Timber is incredibly handsome! I’ve often felt that there is no joy as great with a borzoi as when they eat after an illness. You’re doing wonderfully with your big boy — Gus borzoi, Molly greyhound and I are here in MA cheering you on and sending our warmest thoughts!

  4. This has to be hard, but hang in there! I struggled with DeDe for almost 2 years before I found a solution to her lick granulomas. I also struggle with her other health problems like you do, but I’m heartened that I work with vets that care for a sweet girl that has never given up on me.

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