The road to recovery


We’re fairly certain we are on the right path now. It hasn’t been without a few bumps however. Timber still has the feeding tube in and it will remain there for at least two more weeks.

The tube is our back-up plan. We try everything under the sun during the day to get Timber to eat by day. If he hasn’t consumed enough calories or the right calories then by night we’re whirling the canned dog food in the Cuisenart into a pureed liquid soup and feeding him.

Food is such an emotional roller coaster. He eats, we’re up, he walks away and we’re back down.

His cocktail has grown yet again including injections three times a day. I thank my lucky stars Karen is a nurse. I can do a lot, but honestly, needles were never in my job description. I cringe just to watch.

He’ll be on Flagyl for a month total (antibiotic to treat the inflammatory bowel disease or any infections he might have in the bowel), Cerenia (to prevent nausea) every other day, Reglan three times a day by injection (to help with nausea), Pepsid (reduces stomach acid) twice a day, FortiFlora once a day (nutritional supplement), Mirtazapine once a day used to stimulate appetite, Dexamethazone once per day for three days injected and then after three days we’ll switch him to prednisone. Part of the cocktail was recommended by the internist in Portland.

He’s doing well and seems to feel a little better. We took a walk tonight for the first time in weeks and it tired him out but he sure loved it when we were walking.

Yep, it’s one step a time.

12 Replies to “The road to recovery”

  1. Timber is lucky to be adopted by the two people that will give him the love and care he needs to recover. I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal he has had to endure but I am very happy that he will pull through. Good job!

  2. Hang in there. I just read your Timber story from the start. You two are doing everything imaginable to help Timber get better. I bet that he will! We’re thinking of you.

  3. I just went back and read everything that happened to Timber. Poor boy! I’m so happy he’s starting to do better. I’ll be thinking of you all.

  4. My heart still bleeds for Timber. That is quite a list of meds he has to take! I’m so glad to see he got out for a walk. I bet he just loved it! I’m sure the road to recovery will be slow, but let’s just hope it’s smooth! My thoughts are with you all. 🙂

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