Adam leads the month


May at Greyhound Gardens is birthday month. I have no idea why there are so many, but for whatever reason, we party a lot.

Adam leads the month. Celebrating his birthday is always a big deal. Four years ago he was one sick puppy. He was diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia. Adam is one of the many reasons that I have placed our veterinarians on a pedestal. IMHA is a deadly disease for dogs. Adam had multiple system involvement, his heart valves were leaking, he had pancreatitis, he wouldn’t eat. Overall he lost 15 lbs. and looked like a skeleton. It took every ounce of energy he had just to lift his head.

We took it one day at a time and it took us over four months from the day of diagnosis to the day we could say we beat it.

And look at him now. He is starting to show some signs of being an old man. He’s getting weak in the hind end, but he’s happy and he’s healthy.

And now, he’s our inspiration for Timber. If we could partner with the vets to get Adam through that, we’ll get Timber through what ever he has going on.

Timber had a good day today. He’s still sore from the surgery as he should be, but he ate his liver with gusto tonight. His incision is a little red so we’re applying topical ointment and we’ve added panacea to his cocktail.

Yes, one day at a time.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Adam, and here’s to many more!

    Also, I’ve been a bit “out of it” lately with personal things and so I haven’t made my usual blog rounds for the last five or six days. Therefore, it was quite a shock to hear how sick my favorite redhead has been. I know he couldn’t be in better hands, and we are sending lots of power of the paw to Timber. We’ve got twenty paws over here, so that’s lots of power! Will be looking for future updates!

  2. Happy Birthday Adam! I haven’t been keeping up with everyone’s blogs as well as I would like to so I just read the news about Timber 🙁 Having such confidence in your vet means the world and I’m sure you will get through it and have another story to tell years from now ! Hugs to you and your whole pack!

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