Joey’s milestones


If you could have met Joey back in 2004 when we adopted him, you would be as happy as we are each time he comes up to ask for an ear scratch.

This afternoon I was sitting out in the middle of the yard waiting for someone to come up for a photo and noticed Joey standing by the back door waiting to go in. I called his name, he turned around, looked at me and ran out toward me.

This is not the dog we adopted. Joey wouldn’t come with thirty feet of us in the beginning and it took four years before he would let us scratch his ears.

To this day, we celebrate his milestones. He is such a good boy.

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  1. That’s awesome! I know how that feels, it took over 3 years before Maggie felt relaxed enough around my husband to play in front of him. Joey is absolutely beautiful and lucky to have all of you for his family!

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