A rousing game of sun ball


We had one of those really rare evenings, the sun appeared if only for a brief period of time. Flocko has been playing his daily game of Flocko ball in the rain and mud for weeks now. He nearly didn’t know what to do with himself when the sun appeared.

He wanted everyone to know that greyhounds have way more style when it comes to the game of chase. Redheads aren’t the only ones that “got game.”

Of course he took advantage of laying in the grass with his treasure.

7 Replies to “A rousing game of sun ball”

  1. Of course the Red Head isn’t the only one who’s got game! Why, I bet you had game before Timber was even a glimmer in somebody’s eye. It’s so good to see you today, Flocko! My Monday has significantly improved already! ~~ Bunny

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