Sound the alarms!


I am fairly certain that in a previous life I must have been a kept woman. I have visions of maids and cooks. Something happened to last week-end (like work) and the vacuum and I never had a chance to have our bonding moment. Friday morning, Talley sounded the alarms. With all of the rain and muck we’ve had, it was time to take some desperate measures.

As I exited stage left from work early Friday, I told our administrative assistant that I would be doing battle with the giant dust bunnies and probably would not hear my phone over the roar of the vacuum.

Talley observed from her perch of safety on the couch. Well, she bossed the job a bit too. Seems there was a considerable amount of stuffing mess she had created. Nothing like adding to the already existing problem Talley.

At last, she was able to relax, knowing that the giant dust bunnies had lost their battle. Retreating I am sure to a safe place only to be back in full force within 48 hours.

Dust bunnies zero, Terri one… at least for today.

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  1. Haha – I sit here looking at the dust bunnies and dog hair floating across the hardwood floor which seems to show up more in the sunlight and remember all the new adopters that I told “greyhound hardly shed”. I think I will either have to vacuum or put the dust bunny blinders back on.

  2. What a pretty face!!

    Our cats shed more than the dogs around here, but the black Greyhound hairs are quite conspicuous particularly when the weather changes.

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