The harder side of puppy training

The swing bridge was wonderful for balance and under the feet movement.

When Joy from The Joys of Assistance Dogs told me the puppies were taking their first outing to the park, I knew I had to be there.

The puppies first went down the stairs and then they had to climb back up them.

Of course, it was during work, so when I saw my boss that morning, I told him I was either going in for brain surgery or a root canal, but I was slipping out of the office for a couple of hours.

Walking on the ledge was just another balance exercise

They were amazing to watch, nearly fearless as they each tackled a new task.

Before any children arrived to play in the park, the puppies did their paces on the playground equipment. It makes sense, playground equipment is developed now so that young children learn to go up and down stairs, balance on the swing bridge, climb… why wouldn’t it be perfect for puppies? And, then, it was play time in the park.

These little guys are so smart and so eager to please, it will be a joy to watch them grow through the lens.

Who’s watching who?

These pups were cute. I sat down in the grass as I was taking pictures and before I knew it, they were climbing on me as if I were a mountain. We were all soaking wet from the grass before we were done. It was so much fun. How dare Joy say it was time for them to go!

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