And then came Mickey


I remember the day like it was yesterday. Nancy called and said “We have puppies! And we have something we haven’t had for a long time.” Nancy knew all about my secret love affair with the white and black dogs. Working in greyhound adoption it is so important not to fall in love with the color of the coat, it’s all about the dog, but still, there are those colors that make you turn your head and do a double take.

For me, it was the cow dogs, the white and black beauties.

We beat it up to the kennel as fast as we could and held little baby Mickey in the palm of our hands just a few days old. As he grew older, he became shy. Mickey is my example when people think the worst about why a greyhound is shy. It isn’t bad treatment, dogs are in many ways just like humans. Some are outgoing, some are shy.

Mickey went off to train and then to the track. When he arrived at the track Nancy called and told me to name my little man, they were gifting this gorgeous little cow dog to us.

Keeping with the theme, Mickey’s race name was KNT Wings O’ Fire.

Those wings weren’t on fire, Mickey only had the couch on his mind. I had already been down to Florida twice and Karen had never been. It was her turn to go. I always came home on such a high because it was so much fun and Karen needed to experience it too.

To this day, Karen still talks about the wonderful and fun time she had working in the kennels, playing with dogs and hand slipping the pups during their schooling races.

Mickey was shy when he came home, but it didn’t take him long to adjust to the acre. He has no problem flipping my hand off of the keyboard, grabbing treats out of our hands and walking in between our legs to get his ears scratched.

Mickey is one of our universal blood donors. He’s not crazy about going to clinic, but he’s a trooper.

Our beautiful cow dog, Mickey.


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