The Daily Dog Challenge on Flickr today isĀ Show us how your dog is royalty today. This is Blender. She’s the reigning queen of the gardens.

Blender came to us nearly 10 years ago with many firsts. She was our second greyhound and our first foster hound. She was our first failed attempt at fostering. She was our first time with an extremely shy dog. I have many wonderful memories of my youngest daughter reading her homework to Blender night after night. And I will never forget the night Blender left the safety of her bedroom and kennel to find out where Holly had disappeared to.

Blender has been with me the longest of all the hounds. She’ll be 13 this year and age is starting to take a bit of a toll on her body. She’s moving slower and in the cold I see her favoring her hind legs.

None the less, Blender is queen and all of the other hounds respect her.

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