The twins


I’m trying to keep up with the Daily Dog Challenge over on Flickr. Ya, that is easier said than done. The challenge two days ago was And then there was two. Oh, now that was a no brainer, I am long over due for getting some pictures of the twins up on the blog and I really don’t have any great images of the two of them together.


Together, that was my goal. They are both so darn cute flying solo.

Slinky and Jillian

I figured I had better have something to entertain them. The round bully stix are perfect. These two would chew them for hours.

Just as a side note, we’ve discovered that the round ones have the best chance of survival… for most of the hounds. We have a couple of heavy chewers that can still go through them in a matter of minutes.

I was prepared for the lack of cooperation that I would probably get. How silly of me to think that they would lie side by side and chew.

And my biggest fear if I did get them side by side that a potential girl fight might break out. Sisters don’t always love each other.

Overall, they did really well together. A couple of times I would grab a chewie and bring them around so that they were both at least facing my direction.


And seriously they only got mildly intoxicated after a long chewing session with lights flashing around them.

10 Replies to “The twins”

  1. I can’t even pick a favorite picture today! I am just gushing over all of them! I always love seeing pictures of The Twins together, and these are just especially sweet! They have the sweetest expressions!

  2. Hi Y’all,

    Oh I love it. Jillian has such an expressive face and big eyes that you really show off in the single of her and the one “sisters don’t always love each other”. They are both such beautiful hounds!

    Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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