Lab is ball spelled backwards

To our favorite goldens in BZTraining land, I really didn’t mean to call you a lab, as in black, brown or yellow. Really. Lab is just ball spelled backwards… it’s secret code for “Happy Dog.” And besides, you have to cut me some slack. I’m one of those sight hound people.

Happy park dog with ball/lab


Not so happy lab/ball because the grandmothers do not have a tennis ball


Happy dance down the beach to chase lab/ball


Happy water dance for lab/ball


Happy jump for joy lab/ball, even if it isn't a tennis ball. Bad grandmas.


5 Replies to “Lab is ball spelled backwards”

  1. ROFL! Ok… ok… while I might be a bit suspicious about the whole lab/ball thing, the golden boys are now crooning kumbaya as they try to figure out how to ship those poor dogs a *real* ball, so I guess you’re off the hook. (That “sight hound” line seemed to have helped your cause, as they both nodded their heads knowingly.)

  2. Bwaaaaa ha ha! I’m a sight hound girl myself, but I did know they were Goldens! Then again, Bunny has been insulted by being called a Great Dane and a Whippet so many times that we’ve both lost count. I can see a definite correlation between Labs and balls, though!

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