Oh woe is the assistant


This is the post where I humbly thank my assistant from the bottom of my heart. I have to, it’s bloody cold out there and we’ve got to get the calendar finished. Without Karen, well, they’d all be couch potato shots. Cute, but not beautiful.

Whenever we go away from the property, we have to keep the dogs on leash… they’re greyhounds and although they may love us if there is a squirrel or a rabbit or a blowing piece of paper we quickly become yesterdays news and they are off and running.

My day job involves Photoshop, so if I can take a leash out without it looking obvious, you will always know the dogs are off leash courtesy of Photoshop.

If it’s a great image of the dog and the leash is in a horrible place the poor abused assistant gets 50 lashes with a wet noodle.


The assistant has to be capable of multi-tasking, leash out of the way, dogs eyes pointed to the light source and for pete’s sake get out of the picture frame. Getting out of the frame is usually the least of my worries, I take no pity, I take no prisoners… it’s Photoshop to the rescue.


“Go long” I frequently bark out orders for Karen to get the wiggles out of da doggie. This just happened to be Timber’s first real outing with us, his leash manners were a tad bit challenging, but in the end he was doing fabulously.


Karen finds herself if some really uncomfortable places. This was on the trail, a somewhat narrow trail. Karen had to move herself much farther into the bushes for this to work.


And then there are the times when da doggie cooperates, Karen cooperates and I take one look at the scene and the background sucks. Sometimes I have a skinny second to change my position and make it better, sometimes we just have to go with what I get.


Cold feet, cold hands, cold ears… they are all part of the assistant’s gig. For what ever reason, I stay warm behind the lens.


Of course, I also have the best seat in the house. I love the laughter, moments like these last a lifetime, but they make laugh first thing in the morning for a month.

A million thanks to my most wonderful assistant.

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9 Replies to “Oh woe is the assistant”

  1. Your extremely able assistant deserves a standing ovation (or perhaps a hot toddy) and I bow to your photoshop skills as there’s been nary a leash in sight. I must admit being a bit suspicious as Timber is so new and a beach so… beckoning. Well done! 🙂

  2. I’m sure she’s in for a Christmas bonus!

    We’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster blog award. There are, of course, a few rules which you can check out on our blog. 🙂

    H and Flo

  3. I’m sure Santa will be extra nice to that hard working assistant of yours! I’m so used to having a camera lens stuffed into my nose that I barely notice it anymore and luckily I’m trusted off lead in our park (I never run far away from where the toys and treats are!) 🙂

  4. Your assistant is fantastic — and a wonderful sport! Hubby does a great job for me, too. I was actually attacked on the blog a while back for showing a picture of the girls without leashes on, and I’ve debated with myself about whether to post pictures of them without their leashes since then. I’d like to try it, because I think it would make several of the pictures I’ve taken look a lot better, but I’ve held back. I think I’m going to bite the bullet, though, and just give it a shot when I get some time to play with it. One thing that we have that I love is a thirty foot training leash. Sometimes we put that on the end of the other leash or the collar and use that to keep a hold on them in case something would happen, although having some obedience skill has helped a lot, too. I’ve never had them break a stay to do anything besides come to me or hubby, but it’s better to be safe.

  5. What a lovely post. Your skill with Photoshop and Karen’s skill in staying out of the shot makes us just see the “magic.” What a sport! Thanks, Karen. We love what you do that allows us to enjoy the beautiful and inspiring photos on It’s a Greyt Day.

  6. Your calendar is going to be absolutely stunning!!! Learning photoshop (I don’t do anything with it now) is on my to-do list for next year! Wonderful work by your assistant – her job is not easy and both of your talents together are incredible!

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