OK, now I’m starting to panic. How on earth did with get this far into December? I still have at least four shots to complete the calendar and I think I’m going to have to pull in a few from the acre. Greyhound Gardens is sort of a destination, right?


What do you think? Should I try and push through and see if I can get a few more out and about?

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  1. I’d say see if you can plan one big road trip and take several hounds along, and see if you can crank it out! You could always try getting a few “spare” shots there at the Garden if you have a nice day, and hold them in reserve if you can’t make to as many destinations as you want. Also, I’ve seen gorgeous photos of different destinations that you’ve taken with the hounds all year. Could you pull one or two of those in? Oh, and Bunny says that if Flocko gets to go on a road trip, that would be just fine with her!

  2. Tualatin is a destination! And we can meet you at Mary S Young Park, go down to the water. It was cold, but beautiful today and LOTS of doggies out playing at the park!

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