Hey Bun Buns


Dearest Bunny,

(The other mother came up with the title and we’re trying to be really nice to her…more on that later).

I was really excited when I found out I was going for a hike. I was ready to hit the trail when I found out that this was for more calender shots. I thought I did that two weeks ago and was completely offended that they didn’t think they were good enough.

Then, they told me that you could pick which picture they put in the calender.

I looked my very best for nearly every shot. The moms can’t decide. They’re going to have a contest to help pick out which of my photos will be in the calender. (But really Bunny, your opinion is the only one that counts as far as I am concerned).

We’re going to invite everyone to tell us in the comments section which photo they like best. Choose between the two photos below either the water fall or the trail and tell us why you think that is the picture that should be in the calender. We’ll keep this open until next Saturday, Dec. 3 at midnight pst. We’ll pick the winner using random.org and announce them on Sunday. The calender features the hounds of Greyhound Gardens, we only do a very limited printing and will have it sent directly to you from Apple. We’re running a little bit behind this year, so it may get to you around January 1.

Upper North Falls

Here’s the waterfall image.

On the trail

Here I am on the trail.

So please, help us decide which of my photos to put in the 2012 Greyhound Gardens calender.

Thanks Bunny for your help. Sending you lots of hugs and sloppy wet kisses.

Love, Flocko.

18 Replies to “Hey Bun Buns”

  1. I vote for the trail photo, you are just so stunning in that photo and I can see your handsome face better and those gorgeous greyhound eyes!

  2. Flocko, dude… Back off from Miss Bunny. Yeah you’re all muscled and buff and have buns of steel, but I’m pretty fit myself and I am ‘the most interesting dog in the world…’ Bunny finds me fascinating, not just hunky. Just sayin’. Oh, and Ruby likes the waterfall picture. I’d be happy not to have to see your hard-body ever again on the computer. (Just kidding :-))


  3. Whoa! Talk about buns of steel! My favorite is actually #2 as he’s looking just as hunky as can be – but of the bottom two, then I’d have to go with the trail shot. I love the curve of the path, the leaf litter, the arching fronts, and how Flocko seems to be gazing down the trail as if he just can’t wait to see what’s next. 🙂

  4. Oh Flocko! I had to breathe into my pink bag several times before being able to write a coherent reply! Isn’t there a Twelve Months of Flocko option? Really, any picture with you in it becomes MAGNIFICENT! My favorite calendar shot is the last one of you on the trail, but I really like that waterfall shot, too. The trail shot just focuses so much on you and your handsomeness! I am beside myself. I think I need to go print a few pictures off the internet now! ~~ Bunny

  5. I was about to vote “waterfall” before I read the comments. I love that shot because of the higher contrast between you and the background, but upon reflection I see you’re really working that trail picture! So now I’m team trail… but maybe you shouldn’t take the vote of a flip-flopper so seriously. 🙂
    (I still do love the waterfall shot, the scenery is something out of a storybook.) …. (But I do love the trail picture, since it feels more intimate.) … (Augh! Can’t decide!)

  6. I think the trail one. Both are great, but the waterfall doesn’t seem to focus on Flocko as much (and he actually seems a tiny bit out of focus to me, but my computer screen is tiny, so I could be wrong). But, I love that trail picture.

    And, I’ve been wondering for a while- why do all your hounds have two collars on?

  7. I like the one on the trail best because it the focus is Flocko and he is large in this picture. He is a very handsome guy. :o)

  8. I like the trail because Flocko looks like he stopped and turned around to wait for the slower hikers and he’s spotted them.

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