Best holiday ever

Thanksgiving day, 2011

I had a window on Thanksgiving day, a window with something other than clouds and rain and wind. We were out of bed in a flash to enjoy the sunrise.


Minnie couldn’t believe her eyes, what on earth was that bright ball?

The turkey

I do have a bit of a confession. I was married for 22 years and I never once cooked a turkey. For the last 10 years, I’ve avoided the topic until this year when Karen decided she wanted to do a turkey for dinner. In my best enthusiastic voice, I reassured her that it was a grand idea.

Hind-sight being 20/20, it really was a great idea. Karen spent a great deal of time in the dreaded kitchen and the whole meal was fabulous.


Buddy on the other hand, was really annoyed that he had been baby-gated out of the kitchen. Seriously, what was Karen thinking. Buddy is one of the official taste-testers.

Crystal, Talley, Buddy

Who wants the drumstick?

Crystal, Talley, Buddy

Clearly, Buddy thought that since he is the senior member of the pack he should have it. Plus, he’s the tallest of the three, a definite advantage.

The reality is, nobody got the drumstick, but they all got a little bit of turkey with their kibble for dinner.

Crystal and Barney

A fabulous meal that took all morning to prepare was gone in a flash and we couldn’t believe how much we ate.


The best that we could do at that point was to waddle into the bedroom and settle down for a happy nappy.


Of course, no meal is complete without a little desert with our whip cream.


And did we have left-overs for breakfast you might ask?

Nope, we scrambled out of bed to meet Timber. A one-year old gorgeous, energetic and playful borzoi. I have a few other photos of him here.

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9 Replies to “Best holiday ever”

  1. What a wonderful day for your entire family! Such happy pups. Thank you Ladies! Zelda, Cookie and Stormy (Springer Spaniel) got a little turkey after dinner also.

  2. I think Bunny went into some sort of shock when she saw Flocko. She’s feeling a bit faint at the moment! I love the big meal at Thanksgiving, and the fact that it only happens once a year makes it pretty nice.

  3. Hi – I’m on the Saturday Pet Blog Hop, for the first time, and hoping I’ve done it all right.

    Such gorgeous dogs. We only have two, but (don’t tell my husband) I’d love more! We’re in England so no Thanksgiving for us. Our dogs will have to wait until Christmas for their turkey treats!

  4. LOVE these photos. The “Hey, don’t you know who I am,” look on Buddy’s face is priceless. The chow hounds going for the turkey leg is similar to the reaction I get around here…like they’re starving. And, the mile long tongue…yum. These pictures capture the best spirit of the day.

  5. Everybody’s dogs have had so much fun eating turkey for Thanksgiving that I think I’m going to get me, Frankie and Beryl one for Christmas. I have cooked one once before:)

    What a wonderful way to start the day with a sunrise like that. So stunning.

    Flocko looks like he’s pleading for just a little more turkey please. That Timber is beautiful. I’m going to look at the rest of his photos now.

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